2019 Trends in Manufactured Homes

  • Date: 12 April 2018
  • Client: Monarch Group
  • Project Type: Building Renovation

What's New

I can't wait to see what the 2019 Lousiville Manufactured Homes Show has to offer this year.  I'm expecting to see "Butler Kitchens", New floorplans from Commodore & Sunshine, and the "New Ultimate Kitchen" from Champion.


    And of course I always love checking out new and old places that we have been before.  I love archetectural and can't wait to grab my camera and get some new shots.
    Brenda Harrison
Article Courtesy of MH Living News

Champion Homes Ups the Ante with Ultimate Kitchen Series

Ultimate Kitchen 3 continues the offerings that have built a reputation of sleek design and cutting-edge amenities.

The latest edition provides more innovation, from its European-inspired industrial styling to its state-of-the-art conveniences.

UK3, as it’s come to be known, features:
  • A cooking station equipped with a stainless steel slide-in range
  • Easy to access front controls
  • Stainless steel backsplash
  • Folding chrome utility racks
  • and a slim, Euro-style range hood

“The way we designed this package allows us to be very flexible. It can go into any home, any size, any configuration. We can make all of these beautiful new features work to the greatest of their ability in the space the customer most desires,” said Roberto Kritzer, Skyline Champion Corp.’s vice president of design.

“We are working toward implementing this new kitchen package in the newest models each day,” Kritzer said. “This kitchen goes into manufactured homes, modular homes. We’ve already put it in park models and community series homes.”

Sleek Lines, Stainless Styling Goes Beyond Appliances

Home Trends 2019 Champion Kitchen



The Ultimate Kitchen from Champion has gained a dedicated following. Photo courtesy of Champion Homes.

Champion floats stainless steel shelves for added storage space, as well as a raw, utilitarian look that contrasts nicely with the warmth of the Shaker-style cabinetry. The look continues its blend of texture and color with clean lines by assigning modern cabinet pulls, glass subway tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances from Whirlpool.

“I’m excited about the all-new UK3 that our design team has created. They have integrated several trending features into this design that new homebuyers are looking for,” said Mark Yost, Skyline Champion’s executive vice president.

UK3 boasts improved utility through ample storage space in the cabinets, drawers and cubbies. LED accent lighting behind the frosted glass of overhead cabinets opens the room with subtle hues that showcase the profile of nicely stored stemware.

The Farmhouse Sink Remains Relevant

And, what would the offering be without that amazing farmhouse sink?

“You will see features that really have only been seen in upper-scale site-built homes … recessed LED mirrors, super islands, pot filler sink,” Skyline Champion Director of Community Sales Byron Stroud said of the plumbed-in flex-neck faucet. “It reaches over the range so you can fill a large pot without having to carry it.”

The sink also has a designated straining basket, drying rack and cutting board. It contains a protective bottom rack to help prevent scratches. And the focal point of the sink is the black and brushed nickel faucet that provides the flex neck user experience.

Kritzer said “less is more” remains at play, despite the introduction of so many new features.

“We wanted to keep that open feel. The stainless steel shelves do this. And the nice blend between contemporary and modern, it works very well with the overall theme of clean lines and an open feel,” Kritzer said. “We managed to maintain the feel we wanted, but create a look that you really only have seen in very expensive kitchen configurations.

“The response has been phenomenal.”