What are Modular Homes?

Modular homes are residences built in a controlled factory environment in sections, or modules, and then tranported to the construction site. There, they are installed by crane on permanent foundations and completed by our professional installers.

But let us tell you more.

Modular homes are built by our represented manufactures to IRC codes at a significantly lower cost than site-built construction. Those savings are passed along to our customers offering them the ability to have a wonderful home in city, counties, and rural areas where construction costs are high.

Modular homes offer remarkable value. Our manufacturers have a combined experience in this industry of over 60 years. You will find commtment to excellence in every module. Our homes are professionally engineered and built by skilled craftsmen and continually inspected to ensure they meet precise state and /or local building codes.

Advantages of a modern process

1) A wide variety of modular home floor plans, including ranches.  Homebuyers can customize a layout by adding additional living space and bedrooms as well as alternate kitchen designs and many other amenities.    

2) The ability to add garages, porches and other home features to your new home.

3)Add your own interior touch to your home with hundreds of interior options.  From hickory cabinets to laminate floors and granite counter tops, the options are endless.