Manufactured Homes Tulsa

Manufactured Homes Tulsa

Purchasing a house is a significant financial investment. It, therefore, requires careful planning and consideration before making the final decision. Some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a home include location, size, and type—whether manufactured, onsite, or modular. With several factors to consider, it can be quite confusing finding the home of your dreams in Tulsa. That’s why you need professional help. We exist to meet your needs by providing new and used manufactured homes, modular homes, tiny homes, and RV park model homes.

Lifeway Homes is a locally owned business located in Tulsa. Our founder has over thirty years of experience in the home business, and the company has been providing manufactured homes in Tulsa for 14 years now. Our mission at Lifeway Homes is to provide you with great homes that suit your needs. We collaborate with reputable manufacturers who deliver the best crafted manufactured, modular, and mobile homes.

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are prefabricated houses that are assembled in factories. They are then transported to the site of your choice for installation. Conditions surrounding the manufacturing of these homes include:

  • Each section should be built on a non-removable steel chassis.
  • Each section should include wheels to use when moving it to the home site.
  • They should meet standards set in the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards known as the HUD codes. These standards include meeting performance standards for heating, electrical, HVAC and plumbing, and maintaining strict codes for durability, fire resistance, transportability, and design.

Lifeway Homes only deals with home manufacturers who maintain high construction standards.

What Should You Know Before Buying A Manufactured Home?

It’s advisable to know the following before closing a sale on a manufactured home:

  • Find out whether the house comes with a warranty. Most manufacturers have their products covered by a warranty for a specified duration. Note which items in the house are under warranty and who is responsible for the warranty.
  • You cannot install your manufactured home on whichever lot or tract of land you choose. To ensure that your community allows for manufactured housing, take a look at deed restrictions, zoning ordinances, and restrictive covenants in the area. It’s best to do this before purchasing the land where you want to put your manufactured home.

At Lifeway Homes, we have fourteen years of experience in dealing with manufactured homes in Tulsa. We are conversant with all the requirements to ensure your home meets the standard codes. On enlisting our services, we will pair you with an experienced personal project coordinator who will guide you through the entire manufactured home buying process.

Where Can You Get Financing for Your Manufactured Home?

It’s possible to get a mortgage similar to on-site homes. Loan providers may, however, insist that you set your manufactured home on a permanent foundation. Manufactured homes are legible for USDA, FHA, and VA home loans.

Own A Home

By enlisting our services at Lifeway Homes, you take a step closer towards owning your dream house. Our manufactured homes in Tulsa are made using superior quality materials. Contact us today on 918-621-4663, and start the journey towards owning a home.

Manufactured Homes Tulsa
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